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  • Percy Lundberg

    I have buy Circletoland and i have IPad uppgrade to ios7 when i open circletoland
    i missing big Airport in sweden ex Umeå ESNU,Sundsvall ESNN, skellefteå ESNS
    örnsköldvik ESNO and more ,and previous it worked.

    Percy Lundberg

    • Maciej

      Percy, thank you for reporting the issue. It’s been resolved now. Please allow a couple hours for your cache to clear.

  • Nic

    Hi, do you have a road map for when you intend to add more countries? The App is fantastic, but limited to the number of countries available.

    • Hi Nic, there are no plans for additional countries at this very moment. But if you have a specific country in min that has an open public site with the charts i can add it. Just send me the link to the AIP page.

  • Rune Andersen

    Is there a simple userguide for the app. Sometimes my app i empty. And I also i Norway have all the airports twice ( two times)